Thursday, February 10, 2011

Favorite movies and TV shows

(I'm updating this post as of 21 April 2013) to include Prometheus, Pitch Black and Oblivion under favorite sci-fi/horror films, and The Walking Dead under favorite TV shows)

One of my friends recently called me a film fanatic, and I have to say that she’s probably right. I’m not much of a TV watcher anymore (I used to be, but I hate reality TV and that’s all there is on TV these days), but you’ll never get me to stop going to the movies. I can’t think of a more pleasant way to spend a few hours than sitting in a dark theater with some candy and a box of popcorn, watching a movie. Movie theaters have changed—seats are very comfortable now (and they recline a bit), and each seat has its own plastic holder for water or soda bottles. Progress has been made for sure. The sound is exceptionally good, and the acoustics in the theater are too. You can now order tickets online and choose the seats you want. But that’s not why I go to the movies. I go because it’s a way to transport myself into another world for a few hours. I love being entertained; I love the fantasy, the magic, the escapism of movies. Always have and always will…….The following are some of my favorite movies, and while we’re at it, some of my favorite TV shows as well. If I listed all of the movies I’ve liked since I started going to the movies, the list would fill several pages for sure.

Favorite sci-fi/horror/fantasy films
·         2001 A Space Odyssey
·         2010
·         28 Days Later
·         Alien (all four films in the series)
·         Blade Runner
·         Bram Stoker’s Dracula
·         Burnt Offerings
·         District 9
·         Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (TV movie)
·         Don’t Look Now
·         Harry Potter (all the films)
·         House of Dark Shadows
·         I Am Legend
·         Invasion of the Body Snatchers
·         Lord of the Rings film trilogy
·         Men in Black
·         Minority Report
·         Night of Dark Shadows
·         Pan’s Labyrinth
·         Psycho
·         Stardust
·         The Birds
·         The Exorcist
·         The Last Wave
·         The Man Who Fell to Earth
·         The New Daughter
·         The Omega Man
·         The Sentinel
·         The Shining
·         The Sixth Sense
·         Twelve Monkeys
·         What Dreams May Come
·         What Lies Beneath

Favorite films
·         40 Carats
·         All That Heaven Allows
·         All The Fine Young Cannibals
·         A Perfect Spy (TV mini-series)
·         Basic Instinct
·         Body Heat
·         Brigadoon
·         BUtterfield 8
·         French Kiss
·         Hair
·         Hold That Ghost
·         It’s Complicated
·         Jane Eyre (TV mini-series)
·         Jerry McGuire
·         Julie and Julia
·         Klute
·         Light Sleeper
·         Love Story
·         Marnie
·         Night Sins (TV movie)
·         Out of Africa
·         Romancing the Stone
·         Romeo is Bleeding
·         Saturday Night Fever
·         Some Came Running
·         Something Wild
·         Strangers on a Train
·         Sunday in New York
·         The Accidental Tourist
·         The Age of Innocence
·         The Apartment
·         The Fabulous Baker Boys
·         The Grifters
·         The Hours
·         The Last Seduction
·         The Long Kiss Goodnight
·         The Mechanic
·         The Moon-Spinners
·         The Pursuit of Happyness
·         The Sandpiper
·         The Shawshank Redemption
·         The Thorn Birds (TV mini-series)
·         The Witches of Eastwick
·         When Harry Met Sally
·         Witness
·         Zee and Co.

Favorite animated films/TV shows
·         Bernard Bear
·         Bugs Bunny and all the Looney Tunes cartoons
·         Coraline
·         Courage the Cowardly Dog
·         Fantasia
·         Ratatouille
·         Scooby Doo
·         The Flintstones
·         The Pink Panther

Favorite TV shows
·         Alfred Hitchcock Presents
·         Bewitched
·         Bonanza
·         Cheers
·         CSI Miami
·         Dark Shadows
·         Days of Our Lives (soap opera)
·         Dick Van Dyke Show
·         Disneyland
·         Frasier
·         I Love Lucy
·         I Spy
·         Kojak
·         Leave it to Beaver
·         Mary Tyler Moore Show
·         MASH
·         Maya
·         Night Gallery
·         Remington Steele
·         Six Feet Under
·         Star Trek
·         That Girl
·         The Avengers
·         The Brady Bunch
·         The Donna Reed Show
·         The Night Stalker
·         The Prisoner
·         The Rockford Files
·         The Sopranos
·         The Twilight Zone
·         The Waltons
·         The X-files

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