Monday, April 29, 2013

Stream of consciousness at April’s end

Needing sun desperately needing warmth needing to see thermometer rise tired of cold tired of aches pains back muscles spring new season goodbye winter freezing my office ventilation blowing cold air too much thinking about vacation summer planning need to plan call people arrange dates new york missing always about now need a dose buying home summer warmth familiar expat life one foot in each country talking about pensions investments money doctor early retirement work stagnation strange feelings wistful bittersweet uncertainty future twitter updates learning following followers science fun new people online world new book poetry coming new book short stories coming screenplay writer’s block unfinished taking time too much wishing otherwise escaping movies oblivion perfect name movie star trek alien science fiction astronomy fascination one-way trip to mars 40,000 applicants mind-blowing die on mars in space sailing yacht big ocean two people one dead woman cannot navigate rescue top gear fun guys cars trips bantering humor entertaining mind moving thousand miles a minute never resting trying to rest so much to do accomplish challenges fun writing want to succeed leaving behind looking forward always

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