Monday, August 25, 2014

Pride before a Fall

In the wake of your unbridled hubris
Lie the remains of those who sought to serve you
Misguided attempts to appease
The ever-growing monster that you are

When you have sucked dry the bones
Of those about you, what have you left
Where do you begin anew
What is next on your agenda of annihilation

Did you not seek the obliteration of your fellows
To enhance your own self view, pride-gorged
Did you not speak to them with a forked tongue
And wonder why they cursed you silently

How many have sat out into the universe
A curse upon you, a pox on everything you hold dear
Why do you deserve better than those around you
That you ate up and spit out like carrion

You are a monster with a pretty face
That now shows the ravages of time and defeat
You too will suffer scorn at the hands of those
Who come after you

One can only hope
That you suffer as you have made others suffer
That you feel the slings and arrows
Of repudiation and ill will, that you so richly deserve

copyright 2014
Paula M. De Angelis


A new poem, that will be part of a soon-to-be-published new collection. 

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