Sunday, October 12, 2014

As it was so is it now (a new poem)

Sunday morning, windows open
Smell of bacon in the chilly air
From some unknown apartment
Down the street

Indoors the aroma of coffee brewing
Waking up to breakfast in the city we call home
Now but in any number of others
Morning routines much the same

Small things like these
Smells that trigger glimpses of a life lived
Reaching out my hand, still half-asleep,
To touch the yesteryear of memory

Remember back to an autumn morning
A Sunday many years ago another city
Espresso in a tiny pot and fresh bread for breakfast
From the organic deli on the corner

Wandering those city streets in peace
From sandy shore to colorful center
A latticework of travels
In our quest to feel that city’s heartbeat

Outside the trees' autumn colors
Grace the gray backdrop of sky
Wan sun has finally risen
But has overslept like we have

Copyright 2014
Paula M. De Angelis 

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