Saturday, March 21, 2015

A poem by Joy Davidman

Waltzing Mouse               

Impaled I was when I was born,
Caught upon time’s nether horn,
Murdered through and through with birth,                                                                
Cankered with corrupted earth …
Slick between my fingers run
Sands of time from sun to sun,
Grains of hunger and delight,
Diapered with dark and bright;
Kisses and confusions pass
Dribbling through the fat hourglass ….
And I skip from minute to minute
Each one with me buried in it,
And I see my bridges burn
Gold behind me as I turn,
And I see my painful track
Blotted out behind my back
Till I die as I was born,
Slain upon time’s other horn.
written by Joy Davidman

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