Saturday, June 27, 2015

The poem Quantum Bloom from my poetry collection Quantum Bloom

My sister loves this poem, so I decided to share it with you. It is from my recently-published collection of poems--Quantum Bloom ( The poem was inspired by a photo I saw on Facebook of a tree stump crying (someone had drawn the tears on the stump). But it made a lasting impression on me, as well as making me sad. It got me to thinking how many trees are cut down for no reason at all, other than that a house owner wanted less shade and more sun, so the tree had to go. That happens a lot here in Oslo, unfortunately. Perhaps other places as well. The older I get, the more respect I have for the nature around us, and the more I appreciate trees, the birds that live in them, and the rest of nature. We take nature for granted, that it will always be there for us. But one day it may not be. And we will look back in regret that we did not take better care of our earth. 

Quantum bloom

A lone tree stump
Pushing its way up from the pavement
The sidewalk askew
A tree’s life ended
Because its desire to spread its roots
Was not met with understanding
But rather with a need for control
Executed through the mighty saw

A lone tree’s life ended
In this universe
But perhaps the same tree lives on
In another universe
A parallel one
Or even in multiple worlds
Far less controlling places
Where trees can spread their roots
Where their desire to bloom and grow
Is not met with the inhabitants’ desires
To crimp and to control

Lone tree standing
Firm and tall
Against the elements
Against the winds, the storms,
Against man’s non-understanding
Of what it takes to grow a tree
Of what a tree needs to call a place
Its home
Of what the birds need in the way of home
When in search of cover

In parallel universes
Perhaps trees are sovereign, supreme
Birds too
Perhaps man’s punishment for meting out death
To trees and likewise birds
Is to suffer the understanding of what it means
To destroy life
While imprisoned in a forever place of death
In multiple universes

copyright 2014  Paula M. De Angelis 

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