Sunday, August 16, 2015

A gallery of photos from Rjukan, Gaustatoppen, Lake Tinnsjø, Heddal, and Notodden

 As promised, some photos from our recent trip to Rjukan, Gaustatoppen, Heddal and Notodden......Enjoy!

the lovely town of Rjukan

a nice house in Rjukan

Rjukan, early evening


Rjukan town square under renovation, statue of Sam Eyde to the left, Såheim power plant in background

three reflecting mirrors at the top of the mountainside 

fog rolling into Rjukan

Vemork museum

bridge leading to Vemork museum

Gaustatoppen mountain overlooking the town of Rjukan

Gaustatoppen mountain
Fv651 mountain road winding through the landscape
No visibility at Gaustatoppen summit on the day we climbed the mountain
fog rolling in during our climb to the top of Gaustatoppen mountain

view of surrounding landscape as we ascended Gaustatoppen

Lake Tinnsjø
MS Storegut

onboard the MS Storegut railroad ferry
sunny weather on Lake Tinnsjø
raining on Lake Tinnsjø

stave church in Heddal



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