Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Our garden in late May

After a few days of humidity and rain, the sun reappeared today, which meant that we walked down to the garden tonight to see how the vegetables and fruit bushes are doing. Everything looked fine, and there were not a lot of slugs in the garden as we had been led to expect. We've been informed by the garden board that slugs are a real pest. They eat a lot of the vegetables, and since the garden does not permit the use of pesticides, the only way to deal with them is to drop them into a salt solution or to cut them in half. Our garden plot gets a lot of sun, which slugs do not like. If you want to find them at all, they tend to congregate in damper and darker areas, preferably under stones, at least during the daytime.

This past Saturday my husband planted ten more raspberry bushes, and I assembled and installed a garden arch that will serve as the formal entrance to the garden. I had to dig deep into the earth to insert the arch so that it would sit firmly and not blow over during the first major storm. I was pleased with the result. I planted two climbing rose bushes (white), one on either side of the arch. Hopefully they'll take off and start climbing. I've noticed that plants do not like to be uprooted from their original planting pots and replanted; they tend to sag when replanted and it takes a few days for them to recover. But luckily they do.

green garden arch

strawberry plants blooming

strawberry plants flowering

rhubarb plant seed pod

red poppy flower

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