Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mid-July garden update

What I've harvested to date: string beans and beets. I didn't plant many of each, so the yields were limited, but now I know that I can plant quite a lot more of each next year. I discovered the string beans by coincidence. I thought it would take the plants much longer to produce string beans, so it was a pleasant surprise to see them hanging from each plant when removing dead leaves. My pumpkin patch, my little cornfield, and the snap peas are doing very well. I dare to hope that there will be pumpkins and corn to harvest come September/October, whereas it won't be long before the snap peas are ready to harvest. It's a fantastic feeling to watch the pumpkin plant vines grow horizontally and spread out; they are quite long already. Most of the corn plants have flowered, so it will be fun to follow their progress as well. The largest ones are already about three feet high, with fairly thick stalks.

What I will plant next year: string beans, beets, snap peas, pumpkin, and corn--a lot more of each. I will not plant vegetables that the Iberia snails like--spinach, cauliflower and broccoli. Many of the other gardeners have planted potatoes, so that's also an option. As I said in my first posts, I was ambitious when it came to testing a number of different vegetables, and it has paid off, even if the snails took three of the vegetable plants I planted.

Here are some photos of the pumpkin patch and the little cornfield, as well as some others:

pumpkin patch

baby pumpkin forming

another baby pumpkin

flowering corn plants

string beans 

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