Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another little update

I've been playing around with the template design for my blog, trying to find a background and color scheme that expresses the freedom I feel when I write it. But changing these things also represents the changes I've been going through personally and in a work context, so every now and then the blog will look slightly different. They may be cosmetic changes, but somehow they seem important in the moment. I hope you'll bear with me and give me some feedback if you think the changes are too much! Thanks......


  1. Paula, I love the background picture you have up today. I like that you change it as it suits your mood!

  2. Thanks ablecutegem! Love your profile name by the way--how did you come upon it?

  3. I sent my name through an anagram application and it came up with that. I grabbed onto it, and then realized it was missing a few letters! Oh well... I loved my husband's too - his came up with "ablestroller." For an ultra-marathoner I thought it was very appropriate.