Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In dreams

Sleeping then waking
Falling into consciousness from a place conscious place
Of distance, far removed from all familiar things
Passing cars life on crowded city streets
Searching for something cannot find
Something solid does not change with time
Glided on wings there were none
Lifted up above the ground but close enough
Feel hands below ankle-grasping pull back
Muffled cries

Wanderer of corridors empty houses
Vast and beautiful inviting
Paused upper floor look out
Down upon earth below
Green field alive life trees flowers
Distant river sunlight plays on water
Birds flying overhead music only they can hear

Things of beauty made in dreams
Things of evil too--inner soul
Muffled cries anguish time passing
Bargain hunting devil eternal life abyss
Tunnel end light search caverns
Water dripping under below house
Subterranean depths paths lead somewhere

Walking sunlit silence silkiness coat of many colors
In time before ahead and now
Dreaming waking walking flying
Hands below hands above looking down looking up
Sunlit heaven angel wings devil hands hold back
Holding down dragging under caverns below
Water dripping muffled cries the souls lost paths
Multitudes of voices wilderness crying

copyright 2010 Paula M. De Angelis

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