Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A new poem

Reflections on an August morning

On the train again
Hiking my way onward
To those places that grab my heart
Pulling me in a million small ways

The sound of cicadas; mosquitoes swarm in
Lying on my back in bed, remembering
Watching sunlight play on the trees
Green and leafy outside my window

Dusty panes reflected in the sunlight
I am no stranger to reflections
I have the time, I am on the train
Watching the greenery and life go by

Staring out onto the land
I never knew how green my country was
Or how beautiful, but now I know
Part of it is the wanting it to be so

Dream-like state, this passage
Through the trees and surrounding lakes and marshes
Leading through one state
On my way to yet another

copyright 2013  Paula M De Angelis

I wrote this poem while I was on the train from Washington DC to Williamsburg Virginia. The train passed through some beautiful countryside and landscapes in both Maryland and Virginia, and I reflected on how lucky I was to be able to experience the tranquil beauty of my country in this way. 

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