Saturday, December 28, 2013

A new poem--Solstice

(Update: this poem is now published in my collection of poems Remnants of the Spirit World, available for purchase on Amazon:

Mid-winter night of nights
The shortest day of days
Walk into darkness’ might
And leave behind the light

Darkness falls upon the land
A weary world adrift in dream
Awaits return of sunshine’s hand
That stays its course upon the stream

What shadows lie in wait
For simple souls who traipse
Into their world of hate
Locked beyond the gate

Gather round the blazing fire
Hands clasped against the gloom
Fear of what events transpire
Chanting as dark shadows loom

And so the shadows lie
Cast doubt upon fair souls
Where shadows do not tread
Just souls have found their stead

Gather round the blazing fire
That warms dark frozen souls
Gather round the cleansing pyre
That burns to make them whole

The longest night of nights
Turns slowly toward the sun
Moving on to longer days
In the end the battle won

O’er darkness and the shadow life
Creatures retreat behind the gate
The cracks filled in with blessed light
Sealed against the wall of hate

copyright 2013--Solstice
Paula M De Angelis

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