Thursday, May 1, 2014

Akrobaten and Oslo S

I was in the neighborhood of the Oslo S train station in the late afternoon. The area south of the station facing the fjord was fairly deserted today, just a few people walking around. No surprise--today is May 1st--Europe's Labor Day. It's a national holiday and most people spend it with friends or family. When I walked back toward the city center proper, there were a lot of people sitting outside in the outdoor cafes or waiting for trams and buses.

I had arranged to meet a few people at the pedestrian bridge called Akrobaten (Acrobat), but we must have gotten our wires crossed so it didn't happen. But it wasn't a lost photography opportunity.  I took advantage of the beautiful weather and the lack of people to snap some shots and to walk across Akrobaten that connects Grønland with Bjørvika. Enjoy......

standing on Acrobat bridge (Akrobaten)

entrance to the Acrobat bridge 

the photographer reflected in the glass of Akrobaten

looking upward--office buildings in Bjørvika

Oslo city buildings reflected in the glass of Akrobaten

Akrobatens nearest neighbor bridge--Nordenga bridge--for cars and pedestrians

whoosh--there goes the Train to the Plane (Flytoget) on its way to Oslo Airport

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