Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A new poem--Photo of you in a Manhattan café

This is a new poem that I wrote on the second anniversary of my brother's death. It is part of a new volume of poems that I am working on, in addition to my book about Tarrytown that I hope to be finished with this year. 

Photo of you in a Manhattan café  

And on this day, the second anniversary
Of your untimely death
A long-buried photo of you surfaced
Causing me to catch my breath

We had met for lunch in some downtown Manhattan café
That you frequented—eager to share with me your find
Proud that you were working there in that melee
Of New Yorkers milling about with their own kind

The contours of your face, your photogenic smile
Your youth that emanates from a decade ago
Your furtive smile, the one that could beguile
And persuade the most stubborn of us so

Your hidden secrets that remained unearthed
You did not give them willingly away
And those of us who tried to probe and came away
Unenlightened frustrated rather gone astray

If walls could talk, and photos likewise
Perhaps you would still walk upon this earth
And smile your stealthy smile for all to know
That happiness was yours, there was no dearth

copyright 2017 All rights reserved
Paula M. De Angelis 

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