Saturday, November 26, 2011

It is what it appears to be

The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten ran an interesting article this morning that I read while eating breakfast, commenting on a few choice parts to my husband, who reacted to the story more or less as I did. Here is the short summary of the newspaper story--a female TV reporter named Live Nelvik decided to do a reality program called ‘Dama til’, which means ‘Girlfriend of’—the point of the program being that she would interview well-known men with different careers—politicians, artists, celebrities, etc. and get them to talk about their lives and careers with her as though she was their girlfriend. One of the men who said yes to being on her program was Vebjørn Sand, the well-known artist. According to the newspaper, he wanted his contribution to the program to be educational and part of that entailed visiting his father, who is also a well-known artist. His father’s interest in art had a big influence on his son, and they seem to have a very good relationship. The TV reporter was invited home to Vebjørn’s father’s house, who opened his home to her and her TV camera crew, served them food, and showed them his studio. The article goes on to report that Sand’s father showed her different art techniques and gave her a picture he had started on, that she could work on further. She then picked up a crayon and wrote over the entire image –"FUCK!" all the while filming was going on. She was very keen that Sand’s father get her message clearly, so she turned to him and said, "Look, I wrote 'fuck”. Nelvik by the way is 29 years old if anyone wondered; if I hadn't seen her age I would have thought this was the behavior of a bratty child trying to be the center of attention. Both father and son were very upset by her behavior, and the recording ended there and then.

I’m not writing this blog post in particular defense of Sand or his father; their reactions were appropriate and they obviously know how to defend themselves. I’m writing it because the entire story made me want to vomit. Why? Because this type of TV program is crap, stupid behavior is stupid, and rude behavior is rude. Can’t put a pretty face on crap, stupidity and rudeness. Nelvik was rude and crass and there is nothing else to say, and if this is the new trend—to be ‘in your face’, rude and idiotic to people in the name of TV entertainment, well, good luck to the future of cultured society. Sand and his father reacted rather civilly, I have to say. Nelvik risks getting verbally berated or worse in the future by a different kind of man if she continues in this vein, one who doesn’t take kindly to watching his elderly father or mother get mocked and personally attacked in the name of increased TV viewership, and one who doesn't care if the camera is filming his tirade (but of course this could be entertainment too--trying to provoke such episodes--so who knows. Actually, it's been done already--the Jerry Springer show--American crap TV). Because that's what this is all about--getting the ratings up at any cost. 'Se på meg' (look at me). I prefer Sand’s more civil reaction to the entire episode, but one of these days, Nelvik may mock the wrong person. And then it will be interesting to see if her TV crew continues filming during the aftermath of her crassness. Good luck to you. 

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