Monday, April 30, 2012

'Until Tomorrow' by Gail Ann Dorsey

I have fallen in love with a song--this song. Pure poetry set to music. It's beautiful, both the music and the lyrics. It is a song from the soundtrack to the movie Phoenix, itself a very good and very underrated little movie, just like this song. I tried finding the lyrics online and couldn't, so I listened carefully to the song and wrote them down. I believe Gail Ann Dorsey wrote this song and sang it. If so, she is as good a songwriter as she is singer and musician. Here are the lyrics to 'Until Tomorrow'. Enjoy........

These are the pieces
Of all that I was
My troubles will never define me
Overcoming them does.

If I try to stand up
Would you hold me down?
The choices I made
Were all my own
All my own.


I have fallen in too deep
Miles to go, before I sleep
Before I sleep.
Give me peace
I am lost
Give me wings, to rise above
To rise above.

If I ask forgiveness
Would you give me that now?
If I wanted to hold you
Would you show me how?

No need for reasons
No time for sorrow
Each day is a new day
And lasts only until tomorrow.



  1. i too fell in love with this moving song. Gail Anne Dorsey is an amazing artist. Unfortunately, back in 1998, Phoenix was over shadowed by other movies and the fine performances and incredible soundtrack were relegated to obscurity. I want to thank you for posting the lyrics; like you, I had been unable to find them previously. Comparing your interpretation with my own I will say you've done a great job with just a couple of exceptions. Line 3 should be " My troubles will never define me" and Line 2 of the chorus is "Miles to go before I sleep" (a literary reference). Thanks again and great work!

  2. Thank you GT for your nice comments. It's nice to meet another Gail Anne Dorsey and Phoenix fan. I agree with you about the lyrics; I listened to the song again and you're right. So I'm changing them as of today. I only hope more people hear this incredible song. Every time I hear it, it makes me cry, and I know it's the lyrics and her wonderful voice that move me. It's almost as though she is truly feeling the lyrics as she sings them.

  3. I want to add my thanks as well. Gail Anne Dorsey has such a great voice, and the lyrics in this song are to die for. Well, the whole song, for that matter.I was disappointed after buying the soundtrack, because this song isn't on it, but it's in the film. I play guitar, but I'm not a "musician," so when I begged a friend to transcribe the music for solo guitar, he did so listening over and over again as GAD sings it at the end of the film. Now, I've misplaced the sheet and feel terrible. But thanks to you for the lyrics. And now, the search for the music begins! Best to all!

  4. Matthew Loel T. HepworthDecember 21, 2012 at 7:39 AM

    What a great song! After seeing the film, I set out on a quest to buy the soundtrack for this one song. Alas, it's nowhere to be found. I had to make my own copy by ripping the audio from the DVD. Oh, according to IMDB, here are the song credits:

    "Until Tomorrow"
    Written by Graeme Revell, Danny Cannon and Gail Ann Dorsey
    Performed by Gail Ann Dorsey
    Courtesy of
    Bread & Buddha Productions/
    Mercury Records

    1. Thanks for commenting Matthew and posting the song credits!

  5. It's very cool to know that there are others who can truly appreciate this song for what it we are in 2016...and this song (and movie) can still impact us and move us to illicit these deep emotions that stem from beauty and loss...hope and forgiveness...Thank-you also for posting these hard to find lyrics...I also have a question possible change/addition...although I think I might like your interpretation better...Anyway, here goes: (If) I ask forgiveness could/would you give me that (now)? Instead of 'hand' I said, 'hand' could be right...maybe even better....regardless, Thanks again for taking the time and making the very fine effort of posting these truly meaningful lyrics...GP in RSM

  6. Hi Gregory! Thanks for your nice comments. I'm glad you love the song as much as I do. I agree with your changes after going back and listening to the song a couple of times. So I've changed the lyrics yet again, but I think it makes sense in terms of rhyming. Thanks for suggesting the changes. All the best to you!

  7. Thank you Paula for taking the time to write out the Lyrics. I totally agree to your comments and feelings about the lyrics and song. We must be kindred spirit. -Gino

    1. Thanks for commenting, Gino--we are all kindred spirits--we who love this song. It is beautiful--both the lyrics and music--and it certainly fits the movie Phoenix. I love poetry and this is poetry set to music. All the best to you!