Sunday, October 6, 2013

Getting into autumn

Autumn has arrived, according to the calendar. It’s shaping up to be a very nice season here in Oslo, just as summer was. I realized the other day that it’s the transition from summer to fall that can sometimes get me down, those two or so weeks around the end of September where suddenly we’re wearing jackets, when just last week we didn’t need them. My body protests against the sudden chill in the air. But once we’re firmly planted in the next season, I adjust. It’s been easier this year because the weather has gradually moved from warm to chilly. So that means warm blue-sky sunny days (still) and chilly evenings (nice for walking). Quite ok with me. The weather reports don’t really do the weather justice at all. Yesterday for example, was a gorgeous blue-sky warm day in Oslo (some clouds), whereas the weather report said ‘partly cloudy’ and that was that. We took our bikes and cycled through the city, ending up biking along Enebakkveien down to where the footpath along the Alna River more or less starts, and then we made our way up along the river, a roller coast ride if ever there was one—up one hill and down and then up again, until we got to Bryn. Good training for those who like their hills. At Bryn, we checked out the old railway station from 1854—one of those great old buildings that are no longer in fashion architecturally--before we turned around and cycled back to Grunerlokka to the Farmer’s Market. About nine miles of biking round-trip. There were a lot of people milling about the Farmer's Market, eating elk burgers and chatting with the sellers. We bought nine liters of freshly-pressed apple juice; one of my husband’s friends and his wife have a lot of land that they have converted to apple orchards, so this is the season for harvesting and pressing to make juice. It’s so good. And the other day I took a nice walk from Aker Hospital down to Sinsenkrysset, then walked along Ring 3 to Storo, and then home, a distance of about three miles. A cloudy autumn day with a slight breeze, perfect for walking. Love being outdoors. I can see myself doing so much more of it when I am no longer working full-time. Something to look forward to…….

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