Monday, September 15, 2014

Wave (a new poem)

In the autumn of her twenty-seventh year
Life took another road
As she remembers it
The darkness of discovery, the shock
The sheer affront of upset
Cast into an arena
From which she would emerge
Years later
Stronger, wiser
But not without those intervening times
That tossed her unprepared
Into a sea of angst
The need to change, how hard
To meet the onslaught of the waves
That threatened drowning at every turn
Labored breathing
Struggling to swim, not knowing how
Alone at sea

Sometimes in dreams
The waves were huge, tsunami-like
Rolling in over sea and land 
Nowhere to run
No land high enough to scramble to
Flooded, smacked flat
Watching from a distance
As the gray wild water roiled
Spitting, angry
Waiting for the wall of water
To roll over all in its path
Alone on land 

Copyright 2014
Paula M. De Angelis

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