Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meeting of minds---a new poem

Meeting of minds

Carving out a niche in time
Each evening when darkness descends
Amidst all the busywork
To meet the masters of yesteryear
Ripples in the collective unconscious
A stirring in the great cerebral hall of fame

A room of one’s own
Awaits those who seek 
Difficult to find
Amidst the many cluttered passages
In the vast house
Remember the path inward

In dreams a path remembered
Door opened in childhood
Leading me inward
Onward toward the masters
Swirling in the mist above
Flying high above grasping hands

Consolation, not alone
A world of minds exists apart
Unknown except to few
Who hold the secret close
To grateful hearts  
A world unlike any other

Copyright 2014
Paula M. De Angelis

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