Friday, May 21, 2010

Ode to childhood

Those days of summers past
When once we traipsed the forest floors
To find the gold the sun had cast
Upon the slumbering yellow flowers.

Oh days of summers past
Flocks of birds so loudly crying,
The ominousness of summer storms,
The thunder loud, the sunlight dying.

Precious days of summers past
Lying on our backs in fields unscathed
Playing along the gurgling brook
That traveled its constant stone worn path.

Remembrances of summers past
Of relatives and friends we had
Spread out before us as repast
In time, to help us on our path.

Those days of summers past
Staring out upon the river
Watching the sun create a path
Of light that seemed to stretch forever.

Such days of summers past
Retrieved in the mind’s eye
Memories that bless and last
A lifetime that age cannot belie.

So many summers come and gone
The linearity of time bears witness
To the bittersweet melody of the song
That life sings--Move on. …..

PM De Angelis
May 2010

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