Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Shades of the past that disappeared
And then came back
In different form.
You are not who you pretend to be.
You are an unknown.
You live your life accordingly.
No one gets close
But one got close enough
And she is whom you chose.
How long ago is long enough
You play at love and being tough
But in the end how high the cost.
You did not hold tightly to
What you had, did not hold dear
The love at hand, you lost.  
She knew what you thought
She would never know.
You fooled no one, you let her go.
You lied and you became
The cheat you thought you’d never be.
You behaved so arrogantly.
Those who think they are immune
From temptation risk only doom
Pride goes before a fall.
There will be those who wish you well
The cowards and like company.
And there will be those who lie
And hope that you will end in hell
While to your face they smile. 

copyright 2011  Paula M. De Angelis

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