Friday, October 14, 2011

Sunrise, sunset and oh, the moon too

All in one day---today's sunrise, sunset and a moonlit night. The sunrises and sunsets recently have been gorgeous--such vivid colors. I've got to work on getting better night shots; this was the only moon picture I managed to get that was sort of decent. But I'm working on it. I'm loving my camera--a Canon EOS 500D. But I'm still using my Fuji FinePix at times--got some nice photos with that camera too. I wish I could say that I understood everything there was to understand about digital cameras these days, but I don't. I usually just point and shoot in auto mode. But eventually I'll get around to a deeper immersion into the world of digital photography, maybe even take a course or two. Right now, I'm just having fun.


Sunrise a little later

Still sunrise

Moving towards sunset

Moving towards sunset

The sunset reflected in the windows of this apartment building makes it look like it's on fire from inside.

What a sky!

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