Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day in November

The last day in November—here we are less than four weeks from Christmas and on the verge of a new year. I wonder what the New Year will bring. I certainly had no inklings whatsoever that 2010 would turn out to be one of the more difficult years in my recent past. But it was and I know I need to learn from it, if only to preserve my peace of mind. If I listed up all of the things that have gone awry this year, you might not believe me. So I won’t. I’ll leave them be and let them go. I want to enjoy the Christmas season and I cannot do that in a state of constant anxiety and uncertainty.

I am looking forward to Christmas this year and to all the preparations for it—putting up the tree, decorating, making gingerbread cookies as well as other cookies and cakes, going to some Christmas choir concerts, attending the Nutcracker (our annual tradition), and paying attention to the true meaning of Advent and of Christmas. It’s the gifts of peace, joy, stillness, and kindness that mean the most to me. Just to receive and give kindness are treasured gifts for the soul. There is so little real kindness and the world needs more of it. 

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