Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Questions I don’t have the answers to, but still I ask them

·         Why isn’t there more justice in the world?
·         Why aren’t women treated as men’s equals in the world?
·         Why does it feel so impossible sometimes to get a break?
·         Why don’t we demand better behavior from ourselves and others?
·         Why do we continue to do things we know are not good for us?
·         Why do we stay in jobs that we know we have outgrown?
·         Why do we stay in relationships with people who do not really care about us?
·         Why do we tolerate bad behavior from others over and over again?
·         Why do we allow harassment and bullying in social situations to occur without trying to stop them?
·         Why is it so hard to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you?’
·         Why do we stay silent when we know we should have spoken up?
·         Why do we choose to be cowards rather than to be brave?
·         Why is it so difficult to stand alone against the crowd, especially as we get older?
·         Why don’t we take care of our hearts and souls and minds as much as we take care of our bodies?
·         Why isn’t a spiritual life important to more people?
·         Why is it so difficult for people to talk about spiritual things?
·         Why is it so difficult to believe in God?
·         Why do we trust human beings, but not God, with our hearts and souls?
·         Why is adult life full of disappointments?
·         Why are we often so unprepared to deal with disappointments?
·         Why can’t we let ourselves really follow the advice ‘let go and let God?’
·         Why can’t we live in the moment and enjoy it for all it is worth?
·         Why can’t we seize today and make the most of it, and not worry about what will happen tomorrow?

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